How to create an original Tamil-based novel in a few minutes

An Indian writer’s attempt to create a novel inspired by the Tamil language has taken off on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

The author, Dionna Kanna, says the idea for the novel, which she calls “a new kind of Tamil-inspired adventure”, was born after she got fed up with being left behind by her husband’s career in academia.

“I got tired of sitting at home and reading the same books that were written in English,” she told Mashable India.

“And I started to think that maybe there was something that could be done in my language.

So I decided to start a new one.”

Kanna hopes the novel will be published on her own site, Indiegobo, as a way of raising awareness about the importance of the Tamil languages.

It was also a way to create new work for her husband, who was doing a PhD in history at the time, and also a means of bringing him back to India after his stint in Australia.

“It’s a dream of mine to be able to write a Tamil-like novel, because I don’t have the time,” she said.

“In my book, there is no need for any narration.

I would only use the grammar and syntax, which are what I have learned from my husband’s books.”

Kannanakas novel is set in the year 3104, after the destruction of the world in the Andromeda Galaxy, when the human race was forced to migrate from their home in the southern hemisphere.

The book focuses on a woman named Risa Kanna who lives in the south of India, where she works as a maid.

The novel is about her family, her home and her journey, which starts when she is hired to take care of the elderly family of the family’s deceased father.

Kanna said she has no intention of selling the novel.

“The whole idea behind it is to show that the world was destroyed and people need to return home.

I don,t want to sell the book.

It’s the only way to show the world that the future is uncertain,” she added.

Kann’s novel has received some positive feedback, with readers praising her work.

“Dionna Kann has created a compelling, novelistic narrative in the Indian Tamil language,” said Vikas Rathore, a writer and journalist based in the city of Chennai.

“A wonderful novel with an incredible quality.”

Kanni also wrote a blog post about the novel on her Indiegabogo page.

“For a new-to-Indie author, I hope that this novel is a way for people to learn and share stories in a new way,” she wrote.

“If you want to be a writer, you can also do something in Tamil, even if you are a young person like me.

You can write in Tamil.

But you can do something with a book that’s not translated into any other language.”

The novel, titled A Dream of a World, is being launched on