Rohan Malhotra has said he wants to leave Kannada after two seasons

Rohan Mallya is set to leave the Indian Super League after two years as the club’s managing director.

Malhotra, who joined Kannadas from the Delhi Super Kings last year, said he wanted to leave after two season after the Delhi side was relegated to the IPL, but was not prepared to wait for the results.

“I want to leave.

I am here for the next two seasons.

I have been here for almost two years now.

If it is not the right time, I am ready to leave,” he told the Indian Express on Tuesday.

Mallya had been with the club for two years.

“I have been with Kannads for two and a half years.

I want to move on to a better team.

I had a lot of time.

I enjoyed the support I got and I felt I had the right people around me.

I feel I am the right person to manage the club.

It is not my decision.

If someone else wants to take the reins, I will leave,” Mallyas said.

The IPL had been Mallyahs first foray into Indian football after joining the Kannadiga franchise, and he had led Kannades side to a second-place finish in the league, a domestic cup and the title.

“We are proud of the way we have played.

We are not where we want to be at the moment.

I know how important our domestic league is.

I will be looking for the best coach to lead us to success.

I can see where we are right now.

The IPL is a big opportunity and I have no regrets,” Malyas added.

Former India captain Ajantha Mendis, who is now coaching the Kansai Dragons, is the man in charge of the Indian franchise.

“There are some good coaches in the Indian team.

If I could come back, I would be here for two seasons,” he said.”

It is a good time for me to be back.

I like the way the club is playing.

It has changed a lot.

The atmosphere is different.

The team is more organised.

The facilities are better.

We have a great coach in Mendis.

We need to take it forward.

I’m not saying we are in trouble because of our IPL performance but the environment is different and I think there is a need for a change.

I think it is a shame that we have not been playing well.

The only thing that is good about this club is that we are a good team and I would like to be part of that,” he added.