How to find Kanna Shizuka

Kanna Shan, the actress who plays Shizuko in the popular anime series Mahira Kanna, has released a new video on her Instagram account, teasing fans of the show.

In the video, Shizuki (Kanna) is shown as she prepares to get ready for the wedding of her father and sister-in-law.

The bride, who is a student in the same university as her parents, is shown walking down the aisle to the sound of music.

She is then seen smiling with her groom, while walking down a different aisle.

Shizuki’s parents also appear in the video.

One of the two is shown sitting in the middle of the aisle while the other is standing near the groom.

The bride and groom have the following outfits for the ceremony: a traditional Japanese dress with the sleeves pulled up, a white kimono with a long white robe, and a white teddy bear on the right arm.

Shadu, the young daughter of the bride and her parents also wears a kimonos with a white, red and black fur covering her body, a Japanese traditional dress with a black ribbon on the front and a red ribbon on her left arm, and has an orange bow tied around her neck.

The video is set to a theme song by a band called Chikara, which Shizuru is familiar with from her own music career.

The video features her singing the theme song, which was written by her childhood friend and longtime producer, Akiko Takahashi.

The wedding ceremony was filmed in Kannur, the capital of Kerala state, in India, with a budget of around 2.5 million rupees (US$34,000) and featured a variety of music and dance performances.

In addition to the traditional music, the wedding featured performances from a variety other genres including rock and pop, classical music, traditional Indian dance and more.

The band’s music video has been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube, which is a record for Kanna’s first viral video.

Kanna Shitzuka, who plays Kanna in Mahira, released the video in response to a tweet from actress and actress-musician Sadu Rana who also asked fans to help find her in the new season of Mahira.

She also shared a photo of a post on the Kannuas Instagram account.

Rana is a fan of Mahiras character, Shazhu, who had her first role in Mahir.

She shared the following video of her search in the series:”The search is over.

The search is now done,” she wrote.

“I was lucky enough to be chosen as the new character for the show Mahira by my idol Shazhuvaji.

I am so grateful that my fans are watching my search for me and my family every day.”