Hero of Kerala rescued from tsunami, rescued by sea

NEW DELHI: The hero of Kerala, rescued from a tsunami, is on the move again.

A rescue operation on Sunday rescued a man from the waters of Kozhikode and was transferred to the Indian Coast Guard vessel.

The rescue operation was initiated after a ship was submerged at a depth of more than 200 metres (560 feet) in Kozhikkode on Sunday night.

The rescuer, identified as B K Mishra, said he was fishing in the waters off the city when the tsunami struck.

The sea was so deep that he had to use a life raft, he said.

The man had been on board the ship since it arrived at Kozhikeye at around 4:30pm.

The ship’s captain had said that Mishra was trapped on board for some time due to the tsunami.

The ship was docked at Kozhakod.

The Coast Guard is currently conducting rescue operations in the area and has deployed coast guard ships and Coast Guard boats.