Kerala’s porn market booming after porn ban

Kerala’s largest porn studio, which has been shuttered since it was accused of distributing obscene material to minors, is set to open again, bringing the total number of businesses in the state to more than 200.

According to the owner of Kanna Loli Mousepad, whose name means “Mousepad” in Tamil, the company is the first to be back since a recent ban by the Kerala State Government that restricted access to child pornography, which was in place for a year.

The owner of the studio, Kanna Kanna, has had his business licence revoked for several months because of his involvement in child pornography.

“We have been in business for about five years and were planning to open up the business after the ban, but we are not able to do so,” he told NDTV.

“The reason is that there is no business licence to operate a business.

We are not allowed to operate the business.”

The state’s government has come under intense criticism for the draconian ban, which came into effect on July 30, banning adult entertainment content and pornography.

It is also facing mounting legal and financial challenges, with a court ruling last week that the ban violated the Constitution and was unconstitutional.

The Kerala government, which had sought to justify the ban by arguing that the business was only providing services to minors aged 14 and over, has now decided to reopen the business.

“We are working on getting our license renewed,” Kanna said.

“It is not easy to reopen businesses, and we need the help of the public.”

Kanna said he hoped the new business would bring more jobs to the region, which is home to some of the country’s largest pornography studios.

“I want to bring jobs to Kerala and give more jobs opportunities to the locals,” he said.