When it comes to women, do kathurina kanna and Sayuki Kagunita really have equal status?

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll have a much better idea.

Kanna is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter who’s performed in festivals in the UK, France and South Africa, and has collaborated with her countrymen Sayuki Kanno and Katarina Kannos.

She’s also a part-time kannada TV host, a film director and a fashion designer.

She is the only woman to ever be named as a contestant in the 2017 version of the Miss India beauty pageant, in which the country’s top beauty contestants are chosen from the contestants’ own families.

Kanno is a 27-year old TV host who’s made a name for herself in South Asia for her work in promoting the culture of kannadigas.

She has appeared on television shows including the Indian Express and BBC’s Big Brother and she has been a frequent guest on television and radio.

Kagunitas family, however, have made headlines in the past, and its worth mentioning that Katarines father, former President Sushil Kumar Modi, is one of her many supporters.

In an interview with India Today newspaper, Kanna’s father had said, “There’s a misconception that the women who do well are the ones who are the mothers of their children.

They’re not.

I would like to tell you that there are no women who have more money, who have less time and who are better in other aspects.

You should not judge the girls based on their looks.

If you see a beautiful girl, you should judge her based on her character.”

The question of equality has been in the spotlight recently for a few days as well, after the Kannas’ daughter, Akshay, was named as the winner of the inaugural Miss India pageant, where she was crowned the countrys top beauty contestant.

Akshay has been the focus of criticism from all sides.

Some have accused the Kanna family of exploiting her daughter for their own gain.

But Kanna herself has defended her daughter and has called her a “good-hearted girl”.

In an interview to NDTV, she had said that she had a daughter who is “beautiful” and a “beauty that makes me smile”.

“My daughter is a very good person and she does good things in the world,” she had explained.

“She loves music and she loves animals and she likes doing sports and she’s very happy and happy with life.

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I know she has her own life, but she is happy and I love her.”

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There’s no question that kannadas women have always had a very prominent place in Indian society.

Kanna has been widely seen as the first female Miss India and she even got a gold medal at the first Miss India event held in New Delhi.

But in recent years, the country has been taking its gender equality seriously, and the Miss Asia pageant, held in the city of Hyderabad, is considered the first-ever global event to be organised by the government.

The Miss India contest is considered one of the most prestigious competitions of its kind in the country.

It was also the first pageant to be held in a city outside of Mumbai, where the KANNAS have their home.

As part of the pageant, the contestants were required to wear a kannadi, a traditional Indian dress.

It has also become an essential part of a kanna’s wardrobe.

But it’s not just the kannads clothing that’s considered important.

The pageant also featured an in-house singing competition.

The contestants performed on stage as part of an official national anthem.

Kannadas participation in the contest was also considered an important aspect of the beauty pageant.

The contestants, in a way, were representing the nation in their performances.KANNAS family are known for their strong support for women.

Akshai is a self-confessed “beautician” and Katara is a singer-performer who has collaborated in recent decades with a range of celebrities.

Akaar, who has been known for his musical prowess, is also an award-winning singer and kannadan.

Akhil Kumar, who is also a singer, has also been known to support women’s issues.

In 2017, he launched the ‘Sheltering’ campaign, which aims to give support to those who suffer from domestic violence and rape.

The KANNANS family also has a long and illustrious history of working for women’s rights and rights in the arts.

Their daughter Katarika was a contestant on the show.

Her mother Katya was a member of the panel that