How to buy Kanna: What to know before you buy it

Caro Kann is opening a second branch in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu on the outskirts of Chennai.

The Kanna brand, which has been a favourite among young consumers in Tamil Nadu, has long been a success story for the brand.

Kanna has been gaining ground in Tamil marketplaces, and its popularity is not likely to stop anytime soon.

In the next few months, Kanna will expand into more states and territories, including Tamil Nadu.

In a recent interview with The Times Of India, Kannan chief executive officer Nissar Prakash said the Kanna team is focused on expanding the brand in the market.

“We have got to be very proactive in the marketing of Kanna.

We have a good track record.

We don’t want to miss an opportunity,” Prakashi said.”

When the Kannans first came out, we didn’t have a name in the markets.

But now we are making a name for ourselves.

So the brand is evolving with every new product that we launch,” he added.

In 2017, KANNAN was the first brand to launch a mobile app in India.

The app, called Kann, is aimed at helping customers in their daily lives.

The Kanna mobile app was launched in 2017, and has been downloaded over 1.8 million times.

Kann also launched a Kanna meme.

It features a series of pictures of a person, usually a boy or girl, and a Kann fan, as a meme.

The meme has been around for more than three years and was launched to mark the 20th anniversary of the KANN brand.

Kanna, which is now based in the U.S., has become a well-known brand in India with an Instagram presence.

It is the second brand to open a Kana store in the country.