Aditya Rao: ‘If I had to choose between being a writer or a actor’

If I had a choice between being an actor or a writer, I’d pick the former, says Adityam Rao, the producer of the popular Indian TV series Kanna noZomi.

The show, which follows the life of an ordinary Indian family, has been a hit with audiences and won awards for the best TV drama.

In this exclusive interview, the actor talks about what he hopes viewers of Kanna will take away from the series, what’s in store for his character Adityan, and why he thinks it’s important for Indian writers to continue to write.

I hope people take away something that they want to be true to themselves.

And I hope that people can see in the story that, you know, this is a true story, which is also the story of my family and me and the life that we’ve lived.

The Kanna series is not just a story about the everyday life of the people in this village, but a story of how we are able to overcome our differences, how we can overcome our prejudices, and how we fight to live our lives with dignity.

It’s also a story that’s based on a true heart of a man named Bhandari.

I hope people can take a look at that heart and understand how this story has been created.

Kanna no Zomi is a popular Indian drama that has been adapted into more than 50 different languages and has attracted millions of viewers worldwide.

Rao was inspired to create the show after watching the BBC India documentary Kanna No Zomi: An Indian Family and how he saw the lives of his family’s neighbours.

Roo says he got involved in Kanna when he heard the story and felt inspired by it.

“I’ve always been a fan of the Indian cinema and the films that were made by Indian writers and filmmakers, so I started thinking about how to do something different with my own story,” Rao says.

I think Kanna is a story based on the real world of my own family, so it’s a story for me, for my family, for all of the other writers and directors that I work with.

I wanted to do a show that was based on my family’s everyday lives, and then I had the idea that I would be doing it with my family.

And when I started writing the story, I was able to think of the real lives that my family has lived and I knew that I wanted to use them to create a story.

Reeves: Kanna, the Indian TV show Kanna to English, won the Best Drama category at the Golden Globe Awards in 2017 and is now in its second season.

Ranjan Kannur is the co-executive producer of Kannada TV series, Kanna: The Story of the Kanna Family.