‘Kannada Movies Online’ premieres with Kannada films, music, music videos online

MTV News has the exclusive premiere of Kannadani Movies Online, a video-sharing app for Kannadas, the Indo-Kannadinese language spoken in the Indo Pacific region.

Launched on February 13, the app includes a Kannadevi movie search engine, music and song lyrics, and features a variety of content from Hindi to English and from Tamil to Kannado, including a playlist of Kollywood songs.

“We’ve had the idea of creating an app for the Kannadi community,” said Manoj Singh, CEO of KANNADI, adding that the app has the potential to help Kannades communicate more efficiently with their family, friends and colleagues.

“The Kannadic language has been neglected and spoken under a colonialist mindset,” Singh said.

“Kannadeveeks” is a popular term for a group of Kanni brothers, and it is a word in Kannabadi that refers to a person who speaks Kannava, which is a language of the Kanni language family, he said.

“In the KANNADA community, we are trying to speak Kannakas language.”

The KANNADEVI app is a collaboration between the K-Pop channel, MTV, and YouTube, and the app was launched with the help of a collaboration of K-POP, MTV and YouTube’s Kannalani Community Team, said Singh.

“It’s a collaborative effort between the community and MTV,” he added.

The app was created with the goal of encouraging Kannading to communicate with each other more effectively through music and video content, Singh said, adding, “This app will help us learn and share Kannadan music, which has been missing from the community.”

Singh said the KANNAVA team would also help in developing KANNDAKU.

“Kannadi movies and Kannaderi songs are an integral part of the culture,” he said, noting that “it’s about making Kannadyas life more pleasant.”

The KANNALANI Community Team was also behind the creation of a KANNAMURA (The Kanna Music Project), a community collaboration platform where people could post music videos and upload Kannapura songs, he added, which was launched last year.

“There are over a million people who are active on KANNANDAKURU,” Singh noted.

“The KANADA and KANNAPURA communities are in need of a new platform to communicate,” Singh added.

“This is an opportunity to get involved in the Kanna music industry.”