How to sell yourself as a ‘beautiful woman’ in Kanna shoes

Kanna Shoes, the brand that makes Kanna, has come up with a new way of selling itself in India as the country seeks to attract women to the footwear business.

The brand is also hoping to make inroads with its local market through social media campaigns and the launch of a new online store, TheKannaStore.

Kanna is the second brand to launch a Kanna store in India, following in the footsteps of Indian luxury footwear brand Alpana, which launched in September.

The Kanna Store will be the second online store in the country, following Alpanas online store which launched last month.

The company, which has offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad and New Delhi, said the KannaStore will be a digital platform for women and girls to purchase Kanna products and merchandise online.

It will be launched in a fortnight and the first online store is expected to launch in mid-December, the company said in a statement.

It will offer all Kanna footwear, clothing, accessories and accessories products from around the world and will be open for the women to purchase through its online store.

The Kanna website will also feature a section called ‘Beauty’, a section dedicated to products that cater to women, children, pets and youth, the statement said.

Kanna also plans to launch an online portal where women can register for a Kannadiga (hair appointment) and other Kanna consultations.