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By the time I arrived in Bangalore for the World Cup, my first impressions were of an Indian team playing in a stadium full of footballers, not footballers playing in Bangalore.

I expected to find a vibrant atmosphere, full of enthusiasm.

But there was not a hint of it.

The atmosphere was so subdued, the crowds so subdued.

The pitch was a muddy muddy, tarmac field.

The players were wearing shorts and t-shirts that bore the names of some of the country’s most famous sports stars.

A few minutes before kick-off, the players had been forced to abandon their warm-up routine as the pitch started to become muddy.

By then, the sun was setting.

We were already about 30 minutes into the game.

The match had been abandoned, because there was no time for the officials to issue an official restart.

But I didn’t expect to see the whole of the crowd turn up to watch.

In fact, when I looked around, I didn�t see anyone else around.

There was just me and the pitch.

And when I saw people standing outside, they were smiling.

It was a very good atmosphere.

The fans have been chanting “Kannada” for weeks now.

There is a real sense of pride here.

And the passion is real.

The team that beat Bangladesh 2-0 in a thrilling game was in the midst of a fantastic comeback.

That was when I first realised the passion of the Bangalore crowd, and I felt like the team was really on a roll.

It is a team that, despite its recent slump, is showing the world that it is back on track, and it has the potential to become a contender for the 2019 World Cup.

The crowd is growing, the intensity is increasing, and the atmosphere is fantastic.

I have not been able to see anything like it before.

The passion is unbelievable.

It feels like every single person has a stake in the success of the team.

It’s a feeling I have never felt in a sport where you are the last person to step out on the pitch, because you know what happens to the players who get injured.

The stadium has been packed, and a number of seats were taken away during the game, because the pitch was too muddy.

The ground staff and players were not allowed to move about on the field.

And it was raining.

The rain had stopped at a point, so I didn���t even have to look up to see if there were any people in the stands.

It wasn���t a particularly dry match.

There were lots of fans in the stadium, but they were wearing the same t-shirt as the players.

As soon as the ball came off the pitch on the last play, the crowd exploded.

It went crazy.

When the ball was over, the people were in such a frenzy, they could not control themselves.

The supporters were yelling: �Kannadaks! Kannadak!� This was not just a stadium crowd.

The game had been played in a rain-affected stadium, so the players were allowed to run around in the rain, but there were no tarpaulins or rain jackets.

It took me a while to get used to it, because I had never experienced such a crowd in my entire life.

But it was very different from the atmosphere in a cricket ground, where there are people standing around all day and people wearing the exact same shirt.

As a result, I am not sure if I have ever seen such a massive crowd in a sporting event, where you have no control over it.

But when the game began, the atmosphere was incredible.

The chanting had become a regular occurrence.

There are many reasons why people in this country are chanting �Kanna!

Kanna!� but the one that has always stayed with me is the passion.

I am sure that many of the fans are the same way.

It just so happens that they are a part of a team.

The fan base in India is growing by leaps and bounds every year.

In the past, people in Bangalore would come to watch the national team play in India and they would buy tickets to the match.

But as the Indian football community grew, they became more and more attached to their teams.

It became part of their identity.

And then, last year, when the Indian team was playing in South Africa, fans in Bangalore started to show their passion for the team in the same manner.

There has been a lot of pressure from the Indian government and the cricket authorities to bring more fans into the stadiums.

They want to bring back the fans who have stayed loyal to their football teams in the past.

This is a very important moment in the history of the Indian cricket team.

They have to prove to the Indian people that they can still compete with the top teams in Europe and the world.

They must prove that they have a chance to play at the top level of the game again.

As for me, I love the Indian