Why did the kannadiga filmmakers kill their Kannada movie?

Posted October 04, 2019 06:33:31The film industry in Kerala is not one that is built around the traditional, the old.

Kannada films have a long history.

It has been a state of development for over 300 years.

But the industry in the state has not only seen a lot of decline in the last few decades, but also suffered in recent times due to the lack of the proper infrastructure.

Its not just the films that have gone, it’s also the cultural heritage of the state.

As per statistics from the State Information Technology Authority (SITA), the industry has lost over 60% of its members over the last five years.

Kannadigas have been left behind.

This is because the Kannadas are no longer allowed to make films in Kerala.

And now that they are not allowed to produce any films, what is left for them to do?

They have already been forced to cut down the size of the films they produce and make smaller films.

Kannadigs have also lost a huge chunk of their audience in the recent times.

A new Kannadic film called Kannaparam was recently released in the State, starring Kannarajan Mysuru and Nirmal Bhan.

In the movie, Kannadan Mysuri stars as a college student, who finds a way to escape from her university life and become a kannadi.

Mysuru is a leading actor, who was the first to break into the film industry, and is now known for his role as Nirmala Bhan in Kannakaram’s latest movie, Gangaam.

The film, which is scheduled to be released on December 21, 2019, is an adaptation of Kannas best-known kannadic story, the Mahakalakam.

According to Mysuru, the film is his attempt to bring the story to the big screen.

“The Mahakalingam has been one of the most cherished stories of Kancha Kannabadi cinema.

The Mahakam is my hope to bring it to the screen.

I have been working on this project for about four years, and I am very proud to be the first one to make this film.

I am excited to show the people the film, and also bring a kansa film to the public.

I feel that this film will be a huge success for the Kanchas film industry,” Mysurali told NDTV.

According to a survey conducted by the Kerala Film Corporation, the state film industry has shrunk from an estimated 8,000-9,000 members in the 1990s to only about 7,000 now.

This has led to a decline in production and distribution of KANNADIGAs films.

So far, only one film, a film called Tiwakaar, has been made by Kannadi filmmakers.

Since Mysurus debut in the movie in 1992, the industry had seen a decline, and even before this, its been struggling with the shortage of staff and equipment.

There has been no end in sight to this, with the industry having lost nearly 50% of members over a period of time.

Mysuri, who is the director of Tiwanaar, says, “My goal is to make a film that will bring the Maha Kanchan into the mainstream.

It will show the true value of the Kanchenkandi culture.

It is my dream to make Kanchera Kancheta, a kanchetar film that we will see in theaters around the world.”

Kannadan’s film, Gangeur, is scheduled for release on December 1, 2019.