India’s Kannada spa is on fire

In the southern Indian state of Kerala, one of India’s most beautiful beaches, the Kanna Spa is a ghost town, a ghost city.

Its main attraction is a series of small pools and hot tubs that attract tourists.

But it’s also the site of an outbreak of autism, with scores of children with autism living there.

The state government has shut down the spa.

Kanna is a popular destination for tourists who come to the nearby villages of Muthalaya, Uma and Palakkad.

Kannadis are among the many Indian states that have banned bathing in public.

The government is trying to bring the spa back to its former glory.

In the meantime, a small group of locals has turned it into an autism spa.

“We started this project to raise awareness and get people to wash their hands before bathing,” said S.K. Nair, who started the project.

“I thought, how can we do it without any financial support from anybody?”

He wants to start a community health spa for autistic children.

Nairs mother, Pradipa Nair-Narayan, who has been caring for her daughter for years, said she has been overwhelmed by the support.

She said the community health clinic has raised more than $1 million for autism research.

“The first group of parents who came for bathing were from the neighboring state of Madhya Pradesh,” Nairs said.

“They were very happy to wash the kids in the spa, because they didn’t know about autism.”

The Nair family has opened a community clinic in their home state, where they are using their funds to buy supplies and staff the facilities.

“This project is a huge success,” Nair said.

She is hoping that similar projects can be started in other states and other parts of India.

The Kanna spa is in the middle of a large city, the capital of Kerala.

It has been closed for the past year due to the outbreak.

“There is no need to bring in large-scale construction,” said Nair.

“All we need to do is hire a professional to build the facilities.”