Which actor should play the Indian Ambassador to Britain?

The British government has appointed an actor who was not part of the film franchise as the Indian ambassador to the United Kingdom, it has emerged.

The decision comes after the film was widely criticised for its portrayal of Indian culture.

Kannada actress Preeti Kumar was chosen to be India’s Ambassador to the UK, following a request by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

In the film, she is a British-educated and educated-looking Indian-origin actress.

Kanki’s appointment was hailed as a “bold step” by the prime minister’s office, which is keen to show that Britain is a “nation of immigrants” and that it has the capacity to be a welcoming country for immigrants.

Ms Kumar was among a group of Indian actors who took part in the movie’s promotion, including Akshay Kumar, Rajkumar, Dinesh Bhatt, Kapil Sharma and Akshaye Kumar.

The BBC News website reported that the decision was made at a dinner in Downing Street on Monday evening attended by Ms Kumar, the film’s producer, the Prime Minister’s office and other officials.

It is not clear how many Indian actors are in the film.

“This is an important moment in our country’s history, which has been marred by many negative experiences with our neighbours and we hope that it will change the tone of the UK-India relationship,” Mr Modi’s office said in a statement.

“Kanki will have a strong and positive impact on the lives of the people of India in her role as the ambassador of the United States of India.”

Ms Kumar has worked as a TV producer in the past, including on The Amazing Race.

Mr Modi said that the “British people and Indian people will welcome her”.

“Kannada films are a strong part of our film industry.

We have always had strong ties with the producers and cast and this is an opportunity for us to show a positive face of India to the world,” he said.

“As an actor, Kanko has shown a tremendous amount of talent and passion.

This role is an honour and a privilege for her.”

Mr Kumar’s appointment has sparked speculation that she will have to perform her Indian accent while speaking to the British ambassador.

The Indian embassy in London did not respond to requests for comment.

“I have a feeling that she is going to speak very slowly and very slowly,” Mr Kumar said in an interview on Indian TV.

“The tone of her speech will be very different to what I would have expected from an English-speaking diplomat.”

India has long been a staunch ally of the US in its fight against Islamic State (IS) and the Taliban.

Its ambassador to Britain has a long history of working with the US, and Ms Kumar will be able to use that expertise to help boost relations between the two countries.

“She has been very good at being in touch with other countries, and I think she has the potential to help India and the United State,” Mr Sharma said.

The film has already won rave reviews in India, with the film set to be released in the UK this year.

The British film-makers are reportedly hoping to raise around £8m ($10.7m) from the film and to sell it to the US.

“We have the biggest film market in the world and we have great ambition for the future,” Mr Bhatt said in the BBC interview.

The Prime Minister has previously said that he will be happy if the film has a positive impact in India.

“It’s a great story and a great film and I am looking forward to seeing it,” Mr Singh said in April.