How to prepare for surgery in a pinch

Kannan Gopinathathan is a medical doctor.

He has studied at the Mayo Clinic, and he has worked in a hospital in Chennai, but his specialty is kannan, which means “to open”.

Gopinatha is an award-winning actor who has appeared in films such as Gauri, Jeevan, Aamir Khan’s Akshay Kumar, and others.

He was also nominated for a Golden Globe in 2007 for his performance in Jeev Jain’s The Road.

In the movie The Road, he plays a doctor, who has to help a patient after he has died.

“My main aim is to open the wound, and to get a better outcome for him.

My only desire is to give him a chance to live.

I want to change the minds of his doctors and to make them change their attitude,” Gopinsathath said.

The actor, who is in his 40s, said he is looking for a career in television, and if he gets accepted by an international channel, he would like to be a news anchor.

He is looking to join a television channel in Chennai and hopes to do good work there.

He also wants to travel abroad.

“I want to learn more about India.

It is a country that is very close to me.

If I have the chance to do something for the country, I want my contribution to be positive,” he said.

Gopinsethath has a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Mumbai and a Master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Ahmedabad.

He got his doctorate from the Royal College of Surgeons of India.