When a TV star calls you a ‘coward’ over his son’s death

When a television star calls your son a “coward” over his father’s death, you are probably thinking: “What?”

But it is the reality of the situation that matters.

A family of seven is mourning the death of their son.

The incident took place on August 26, and the incident is being described as “disgusting”.

The family of a woman in her 70s was allegedly abused by a family member in the village of Gopalakrishnan in Madhya Pradesh’s Uttar Pradesh state.

The woman died on the spot.

Her family claims that the abuse was carried out by the family member who was allegedly present during the assault.

The family’s daughter, who was present during this incident, is reportedly now the main suspect in the murder.

The police have not identified any of the accused.

But a close relative of the family is allegedly leading the investigation.

The case has shocked the community, and it has taken a toll on the family’s morale.