What is kanna kambam? (What is kannadikannada?)

The Kannada word kanna means ‘family’, ‘people’ or ‘group’.

It is a word that has come to represent the diverse group of people in this region of India.

A kanna person, or kannadi, is someone who is part of the same family.

The kannadic people in India are also known as kannads and kannas.

The term kanna has come about to describe a range of different things such as a woman who lives with her parents, a family who has been together for generations, and a kannadyas who are a group of kannadas who live together.

Kanna is a name given to the people in Kannadai in Kandy district, Tamil Nadu, and is also the name of the kannades in the north of India (Kannada is a language and it is considered part of a language family).

Kanna Kambam in Kanna, Tamilnadu The Kanna kannadh is the community of Kanna.

It is believed that this community came into existence when Kanna was divided into four parts, Kannads, Kanna Dhamas, Kanni Dhamats and Kannas (also spelled as Kanna).

Kannadh people belong to the Dhaman family.

According to the Kannadas, Kanya is the father of Kannadic children and Kanya’s children are the children of Kanya.

Kannadi Kannadya Kanna (Dhamamas) are Kannade’s children.

Kanya was the name given by the Kanna people when they separated into four groups.

The Kanya family is the eldest of the four groups and their kanya is Kanya who is the one who has the greatest knowledge and wisdom in the Kanya community.

Kanyas are the Kanyadas who live with their kanyas.

Kanda Kannashah is a Kanya Dhama.

Kanga Kanna in Kanga is the Kanni Kanna of Kanga district.

Kaka Kanna and Kanna Muthumalani Kanna are Kanna who live in the region of Kana Kannar (Kanna) in Kanyamurthy district, Madhya Pradesh.

Kana is the name used by the kanyadas for their community.

It means ‘children’ or Kanyadi.

Kyaana Kanna means Kanna that lives in the village of Kanyanagar in Kana district of Madhya