Kanno Miho Gets In Trouble for Saying ‘It Is Unconstitutional’ to Call Trump a ‘Cunt’

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was on Saturday fined ¥100,000 ($6,000) for a statement that referred to President Donald Trump as a “cunt.”

The Japanese government has previously fined Prime Minister Abe tens of thousands of dollars for remarks he made in 2015 that appeared to be a reference to the President’s treatment of the Japanese people during World War II.

Abe’s comment was a direct jab at Trump’s comments about the Japanese prime minister’s country.

During the 2016 election campaign, Trump referred to the country as a nation of “cunts,” and he also criticized the country’s handling of a recent typhoon.

A year earlier, Abe had compared the Japanese Prime Ministers handling of the Japan tsunami response to the American response during the Vietnam War.

Kanno Kannō, the former prime minister of Japan, is known for his strong anti-government rhetoric.

In his latest comments, he said that while Trump is a “good person,” he is “not a good leader” and that he “won’t win.”