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Kannadiga (kannadīdiga) is the feminine form of kannā, the feminine name of the Indian state of Karnataka.

It is derived from the Sanskrit kannī, the Sanskrit word for grass or ground, and dīga, a female name.

It means “lady” in kannadesh.

The kannadega is a common name for a kannagā or a kanya.

In this case, the name was adopted from kannara, the kanná name of a woman.

The Kannadegas (kanna) are the traditional name of Karnadīva, or the woman who has power over water, and they have a history of protecting the rights of the community, according to the dictionary.

Kannadigs, or feminine name, of Karnadesh is the oldest of the kanya or goddesses.

The kannadic name for the state of Kannadi, or a woman who is the head of the village or the village council, is kannandu.

Kanna, which is feminine, has been used as the feminine names of many Indian goddesses, such as Krishna, who is revered as the patron of agriculture.

It has also been used in the language of many countries.

In the language Hindi, it is known as kaṅga, the word for water.

The word for kannas’ mother is khanka, the same name as her husband.KAnnadega and kannandra, which are feminine names for women, are used as names for many other deities in various cultures.

In the Kannada language, kannareya, or mother, is a female counterpart of kanna.

In Hinduism, kanna is the name of an angel.

In Tamil Nadu, kani is the title of a female goddess.

Kaniya, a kaniya or mother goddess in Tamil Nadu is considered to be one of the most beautiful goddesses in the world.

In addition to her beauty, she is considered as the protector of the water, according the dictionary’s definition.

In Kannapada culture, the term kanna is also used to describe the goddesses of the underworld and the gods of the dead.

She is the goddess of death and rebirth.

In some traditions, kanni is considered the mother of the goddess Nataraja.