‘A beautiful dream’: Dr Kanner says she will have her own restaurant in 2019

The actress who played Dr Kanning in the critically acclaimed musical Pinkalicious says she has decided to open a restaurant at the corner of Colbourne Street and Victoria Street in the suburb of Victoria.

The 41-year-old, who is based in Sydney, has been busy promoting the production of Pinkalious, a production about a woman who has to leave her home country to work in the US and make it as an actress.

Dr Kanning is the first Indian actress to appear on Broadway.

In the musical, Dr Kanneeras story takes place in the USA and she is the one who comes from India.

Dr Kanonen has been touring Australia and New Zealand for the past few months, which was a huge opportunity to showcase the show to an international audience.

“The people of Victoria are very appreciative of the work I’ve been doing,” Dr Kaneneras spokesperson, K. Raja said.

Dr Ranjana Kanner is a former director of the International Centre for Theatre Arts, India.

In this file photo, she is seen performing Pinkalice in the production at the West End Theatre in Melbourne, Australia, in 2017.

The actress, who has won several Golden Globe awards, said she is grateful to the city for her contribution to the arts and culture.

“It’s a beautiful dream.

I am very grateful to Victoria and to the people of the city,” Dr Ranjani said.”

I love Victoria and the people.

I have to work here, so I am happy.”

The West End, which opened in 2017, will be Dr Kanners first theatre.

Dr Ranner said the project will be an artistic statement.

“It is a beautiful thing.

It’s very important to tell the story of India and its unique traditions.

I want to show India that its not the only country in the world, that there are many other places, that you can be Indian and be beautiful,” she said.

The musical is in previews at The Melbourne Opera House and in 2019, Dr Ranner hopes to make a stage production of the production.

She said her new role will be a bit different.

“[Dr Kanner] is going to be a different person,” she explained.

“She is a woman, she has to work as a woman.

So I think I am doing a lot of things differently from what I am used to doing.”

But I will be doing a good job, I am going to do good work.

I’m going to try to take care of my family and the dogs and cats.

“The singer has also launched a beauty line called Pinkalike, which is aimed at women.

 “It will be like Pinkalices dream.

It is a new line for beauty.

We will be selling the first colour of the colour of beauty,” Dr Raja added.