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Sumathi Kannadas latest scam was a bit different from the others.

The 25-year-old was arrested in the middle of the night by a gang of eight people who used to threaten to shoot her if she did not give them a large sum of money.

Sumathi, a native of Kannataka, had been making some cash deposits to her mother in the village of Mahagugur on the outskirts of Chittagong in the state.

She told The News She was shocked when she realised her bank account had been frozen by the bank.

Sumathis mother and a neighbour were arrested and taken to a police station where Sumathi confessed that she had been blackmailed by a man she met through a Facebook group called ‘Sambhama’.

She was then threatened with a gun and beaten up, according to the police.

Sumati had then been offered a large amount of money to pay off the gang and had even been promised a job at a small tea plantation.

She agreed to pay $200 for the job, but after the gang returned to the same location, she was threatened with more money.

“I have not received the money from my mother and my neighbour and they are not willing to pay for the Rs 200 I had given them,” Sumathi told The Times of India.

The scam has come under scrutiny since it was reported in The Times last week.

While Sumathi was still in the police station, her mother was arrested and is now in the judicial custody.

The family is also in a safe house.

Sambhanam Ramesh, who has written about the scam in the past, said Sumathi has not shown remorse.

“She is blaming the police for her fate, saying the police did not take action against her,” he told The Hindu.

“Her mother and neighbour are now in police custody, but she is not giving any statement to them.

They are keeping a close watch on her,” Rameshi added.

A man who was the owner of the tea plantation where Sumathis family lives is also not willing a statement to police.