How to build a Kamui Kanna from a kit

Kamui kann, one of the most popular Kamui designs in Japan, has long been a staple in the Japanese toy industry.

But the company has recently announced plans to make some major changes to its products, and one of them is making the Kamui series look a lot more like its competitors.

Today, we’ll take a look at the new designs.

Kamui Kann began life in the early 1970s with a kit called Kamui B. These were very basic models with two or three different colors and were meant to be played by children of the time.

Over the years, however, the Kamusas evolved into something much more complex, and they’re now being built up to be even more impressive.

The company is currently producing a new model called Kamu-ko, which is supposed to be more of a Kamu B. But for now, you’ll have to make do with a similar kit called Kanna B, which contains all of the features of the current kit but with a few additions.

The new kits will be made from high-quality, molded plastic and are intended to be used in an assortment of different ways.

These include as accessories, stand-alone toys, and as playthings for children.

In the video above, we’re shown how the new Kanna line of toys will look like in a range of different scenarios.

The colors are the same as in Kamui A, B, and C, but they’re getting a new logo and have some new features.

In the video, we also see the company’s new color scheme for its kits.

This time, it’s green and blue, and the logo is the same blue-gray-orange we’ve seen before.

The new color palette also includes a new crest that’s much more detailed than the ones you see on the current Kamui line.

This new crest features a small, blue “K” that looks like a heart, while the larger “K-” is a circle with three white lines in it.

The crest is meant to look like something out of a Japanese children’s book.

In this example, the red circles on the crest are the letters “K,” the red lines are the letter “A,” and the white lines are a circle that says “B.”

The red circle on the bottom right of the crest says “Kanna B.”

The crest also includes the new Kamui logo and new crest decals.

The white circle on top of the “K-A” symbol is “Kana.”

The white triangle on the top right of “Kamu-Kana” is the Kamu logo.

The crest has two large yellow circles that say “B” in Japanese.

The Kamui kits are sold in four different colors: blue, yellow, red, and green.

The blue and yellow kits are the cheapest, and red and green kits are more expensive.

The kits are also available in different colors.

Here’s how they look in the video:The new Kamu line will also feature an optional set of accessories.

The first of these will be a new Kamumi Kanna set with all the Kamisas parts, including the new crest, new crest stickers, and a new stand-in Kamui.

These kits are priced at 8,900 yen ($8.60).

The other two sets are the standard Kanna kits (8,900yen), and the new red kit (8.50yen).

The new crest will be sold separately, but the new logo, decals, and stand-ins will be available separately as well.

If you’re interested in picking up the new kits, the company will be selling them starting tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. local time.