What you need to know about the ‘Zolan Kannada’ series – video

A new television series on the Kannadiga, which is considered a subgenre of Hindi-English language, has been commissioned by the National Film Corporation of India.

Zolan Kanna Youngs (ZYYY), which means ‘to speak out’ in Zulu, was created by Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.

The show will be broadcast in five parts and will be released on November 6.

It will be a part of a programme called ‘Sanskrit Hindi’, which is being produced by National Film Institute of India, the National Council of Film Certification and National Film Board of India (NCFI).

The NCFI, the agency which oversees Indian films, is also the distributor for the series.

ZYY is a drama about two brothers, Aamik and Baju, who move to India from Nigeria.

Their life is changed when they marry a beautiful, young woman, who falls for them.

They both have dreams of becoming filmmakers and a father.

When Aamil gets a job in Mumbai, his life changes and he falls for his friend, Rani, who is also a filmmaker.

They are also cast for roles in films and TV shows.

ZYL is an Indian television series which is produced by NCFI and the National Commission for Film Certification (NCFC).

The show is titled ZYL.

Aamal’s and Biju’s lives are different, but they meet on the streets of Mumbai to make movies.

When they meet a young woman in the street, they have a passionate affair and marry.

In the second half of the series, they move to Delhi to start their own business.

Zyl follows Aamali, who makes a lot of money as a freelance filmmaker.

When the show reaches its conclusion, A Amal gets a call from his wife saying she is pregnant and Bju is still in India.

He goes to Delhi, where he finds Rani in a coma, and together they move into a house and get married.

The series also follows A Amala and Rani as they travel across the country.

This is what you need know about ZYL and ZYL: The programme is a part in the ZY Y series.

The programme will be available on November 1 and will also be available in three parts: part one will be the pilot episode.

Part two will be on November 4.

Part three will be published in December 2017.

The pilot episode is based on the life of A Amali and B Ju, but there is also an additional storyline that tells a story about the life and love of a young girl named Durga (who is the daughter of Aamala and BJu).

The programme tells a true story of love and marriage in a modern society.

The first part of the programme will show how the two brothers are made to see their dream of becoming professionals as a result of a love that has never been seen before.

The second part will show the growing pains of an artist who, despite being young and talented, has never had the opportunity to make a living.


There are so many different aspects to ZYL that we will need to explain in detail.

In this episode, we will be discussing: The love story of AAmala and Durga