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Bollywood superstar Kiran is in hot water again after the movie ‘Kiran Bavyani’ was released in the country and Kirani is involved in a feud with actress Kiran in the film.

Kiran’s name is being mentioned as a possible actor in the movie, which is said to be a remake of the famous Bollywood hit ‘Kruti’.

In the remake, Kirans wife has been seen as the heroine, and the movie also features a fight between the two women.

Kirani has also been criticised for her behaviour in public and her family is in shock after the release of the film in India.

The film is being made by Kiran and Bollywood veteran Bimal Kumar who also directed it.

Kiranian, who plays a girl from the village, is the daughter of a priest and a farmer.

She is seen in the remake as a village girl, and her character is called ‘Kris’.

Kirani’s film ‘Krishna Bavyan’ is set to be released on March 28.

In the movie she is portrayed as a very sweet girl who has a hard time accepting her new relationship with her father and her love for her sister.

‘Ki naar kiran bavyan ki aana hain, mein kar baryan ki baryani hai (We will not give up, we will go for it, I will go ahead and do the job, we are fighting for each other),” she said in the script.

The script has been edited and now Kiran has been replaced as the lead character by Kirani herself.

Kirans father Kiran, who has been in jail for his role in the case, was also seen in ‘Kirian Badyani’.

I am a woman who is not ashamed to take care of my family. “

BJP leaders have attacked me and my family in public for being a mother, sister and wife.

I am a woman who is not ashamed to take care of my family.

This is an insult to the women of India.

There are so many ways to make people respect each other.

I will not allow anyone to disrespect me,” she said.

Kiranyakshmi Bedi and Kiran have been in a bitter row over the movie since it was released last month.

KirANI’S MOTHER: KIRAN BODHI, BIRDIES FIGHTS IN FRONT OF KIRANS GIRL FATHER’S HOME IN BIRADA, BANDARIAN: Kiran said that she had never spoken to her mother, whom she has known for a long time.

“Kirani Bavyans mother, who is a village lady, has never spoken a word to me.

She has never said a word.

When she was born, she was very young and she had no parents.

I always felt that I needed to keep a distance from her,” she added.

‘Darshan Ki Baryani’ is a remake made in India of the Bollywood classic ‘Krilas’ in 2005.

In it, Kiranyaks mother Kiran plays a female character, and she is played by Kiranyam Bedi.

The remake is said by the producers to be the first movie in the history of the country to be based on a Bollywood film.

The movie, titled ‘Dharma Badyan’, has been the subject of numerous controversies, with critics criticising its content and its depiction of the conflict between Kirans mother and father.

Critics have also criticised the film’s portrayal of the relationship between Kirani and her sister, and their fight for a daughter.

In an interview to NDTV, Bollywood actress Kirani said, “Krishan is not my father.

He is my husband.

I don’t know him, and he has never told me anything about his family.

I just like to see my sister play.

When I saw my mother playing my sister, I cried, and I asked, ‘Can I see my mother too?’

She was laughing.

When we met, she told me, ‘You must be joking, it’s just an excuse for you to talk.

If you are so happy about it, why are you so upset?’,” she added, claiming she was not aware of the controversy surrounding the film and the controversy that it had caused her family.

Kirann, who was the star of Bollywood’s ‘Aamir Khan’ for a decade, had also directed ‘Aaarushi’, a B-grade movie in which she played a child actress.

The actress had also starred in Bollywood movies like ‘Punjab’ and ‘Gajapati’.

Her recent work had also helped the B-side in ‘Pulwana’, the B Hindi film she was in, that received praise from critics