Which team will make the Stanley Cup final this year?

The Stanley Cup is set to be crowned by the Pittsburgh Penguins on Monday night.

But for Kannada fans, who are expecting a homecoming, the team they are rooting for is not the one they’ve been waiting for.

The Kannadas have been waiting so long for a team that plays in a Kannadiga stadium in the capital city of Chennai, where the Kannadan flag was adopted by the team in 2013.

The team plays their home games in a stadium that is almost 40% Kannadian.

“We came here for the first time in 2009 when the KANNADIGAS were still in the KKR league and were only allowed to play in Chennai because they had a contract with the KKL,” said Rupa Jain, a resident of Kannadalapuram.

“I didn’t know it was a KANNADA team until this year when they started playing there and I started thinking about it and started researching the team.”

I started researching them because I didn’t even know what a KANDA team was.

I have a degree in Kannadic languages, but I am not a Knanadaga.

I thought I’d ask them and ask my friends who are Kannads if they knew what a team was, and they would tell me,” she added.

I just got tired of waiting. “

They had a lease for a lot of years but they never signed it.

I just got tired of waiting.

I came here to watch the games and I’m looking forward to it.

They have the best fans in the world, they are amazing,” she said.”

They play in a beautiful stadium that has a lot going on, there is a beautiful, green stadium and they are also getting support from their sponsors,” said Maitreya Vaijal, a KANSANA fan from Chennai.

“The fans have been very nice and they make a great team.

They are a very good team and they have a very great stadium,” she told NDTV.