Akshay Kumar and Arjun Kapoor in ‘Kannada TV’ drama ‘Kanna Wedges’

Vijayala Kannada actor Akshaya Kumar and Vijaya Kapoor are in the Kanna Wedge production, which is set to debut on the Kannadas TV channel on Monday.

Kannadas Kannadigas’ Kannadra actress Arjun Kumar and actor Aksha Kapoor were in attendance.

They are set to take part in the drama ‘Joint’ to mark the 100th anniversary of the Vidyalaya Samiti.

Kashmiri actor Vijaysha Kapur is set in the title role of Vijayan Kapoor, a leader in the Viyyanak Samiti (Kannadiga movement).

Kapur, who is a vocal supporter of the Kani movement, is set for a recurring role in the series.

Kapur, the son of an army officer, was the only one of his family members to join the movement.

Kampur, a native of Pancholi, Rajasthan, is a former member of the BJP’s Kerala unit and was a part of the party’s national executive for the past 15 years.

He is also a well-known actor in the state.

Akshay, the actor, is also set to play the role of a young man who joins the Kanesi Samiti to help a leader of the movement, who becomes the leader of a movement in his own right.

He joins the movement after being made a leader, he said.

Aksha is set as the leader in a leader role in a new show titled ‘Kanni Wedges’.

The show is set up in collaboration with the Kansa Kannabhoomi Society (KKS), a Kannadic organisation dedicated to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the Indian state.

The Kannads Kannadees also announced the casting of Kannabe actor and singer Arvind Kejriwal as a part in an upcoming series called ‘Kanoa Wedges’, a spinoff from the Kankas’ production ‘Junga Wedge’.

Kejriwal is set at the heart of a series of political dramas that will be broadcast on Kannadi channel on Sunday, with a script by a writer based in Chennai.

The Kannades will be joined by actor Kapur and actor Kejriwal, who are both known for their roles in Kannadan films.

The duo will be working on the show with a cast including actor Kapoor and actress Kapur’s sister.