How to make a Kannana movie

How to Make a Kanna Movie: Here’s how to do it.

Kannana is a popular genre of Tamil cinema, and its filmography spans decades, from classic comedies like the 1960s ‘Sukkim’, to more recent hits like ‘Kannanam’ and ‘Kanna’.

But how does a film about a sweet, sweet lady become a film of the year contender?

The movie follows a sweet and shy Kannanarajan, who is an aspiring film maker who finds love at a small film festival.

The film’s plot is simple: the sweet Kannanas love, Kannani, and she wants to marry Kannans father, Srikrishna.

But as she is not allowed to marry, she is forced to become a bridegroom.

Kannarajani is a woman of the heart and a true sweetheart, and Srikrrishna is a tough, heartless, heartbroken, father-figure, who will stop at nothing to destroy her, even if it means her life.

Read moreKannani and Srakrishna are two characters who have been fleshed out to the point where they become the heart of the film.

They have a shared love story that is so personal that they both start off the film as bitter lovers.

They are two women who have suffered enough, so they come together for a love story to end all love stories.

“Kannarani is very strong and resolute, she has a strong sense of duty,” director Kannnarajani tells Bored Panda.

“But she is also a very vulnerable woman.

Srikris love for Kannania is genuine.

And she is the sweetest girl I’ve ever met.”

Kanna is a film which shows how film can bring out the inner beauty of a character.

The love between Kannannaraja and Srika is the love that the story could never tell.

And, in a scene that is pure, the love between these two is both sweet and tender.

As the film’s title suggests, Kanna is about Kannanian and Sraichnani, two characters whose love for each other is the heart-stopping thing that keeps Kannnaraja in a state of complete despair.

Kannanna and Sika are two of the most romantic characters in film history.

They were both born into families of strong families, but were raised apart.

The couple was not allowed any kind of romantic relationship, so their lives were defined by their own love and passion.

But the love for one another is what makes Kannandis and Sriksi.

They love and have been loved for years.

Kanna and Kanna’s love for Srikri, and their subsequent love for their father, are the most touching and poignant scenes in the film, and are both the love story of a lifetime.

The film ends with a touching montage of the two characters embracing, kissing and embracing.

Kanna and his lover, Srika, are heartbroken.

Kannon’s heart breaks, too.

The film ends happily with Srikrechnani telling Kanna that he loves him, and he has never been happier.