Kanada songs: Teisou ki nahi,a aesthetic kanna toh kanninen zero?

Kannada singer and visual artist Teisō KannenZero posted a video on Instagram last month in which he explains how he learned how to sing Kanada song. 

In the video, the 27-year-old performs a Kanada-themed performance that starts off with a short sequence of Kanada and Hindi lyrics.

“When I started writing songs, I learned Kanada from the same songs I sing in Hindi,” Kanneno said.

“The songs have a lot of Kanadas, and you can also sing Kanadas in the background.”

“You can hear it in the music too,” he continued.

The singer also told Engadnet that he uses his Kanada experience to help him communicate with the public.

In the past, Kannnen has shared videos on Instagram, Instagram Stories, and YouTube with his love for Kanada.

In one video, he posted a rendition of Kannadeesh, a song he sang at the 2014 Mumbai Literature Festival, and later shared that he had used it to introduce himself to the public during his Instagram Stories.

“I really wanted to tell people that I was a musician, that I am a writer, that we are all people,” he said.

However, he admitted that the Kanada video was a bit “funny” and he wanted to share it more.

“In the end, I wanted to make it a video about Kanada music, and I really wanted people to get excited about it,” he told Engage.

“I didn’t want people to think that I’m not really singing Kanada.” 

The video received more than 12,000 views on Instagram and has now been viewed more than 3 million times.

Kanneno’s next project is to create a series of videos to celebrate Kanada festivals and celebrations, and he also plans to use Kanada as a theme song for his upcoming project.

Watch the video below: