What to know about the latest news on the ‘best anime’ phenomenon

Tokyo-based manga artist and director Koji Yano has released a new series that aims to highlight the best anime films that can be found in Japan.

The new series, titled ‘The Best Anime of 2017’, is based on the list that was put out by the anime industry and includes a selection of Japanese films released in 2017.

While the first issue was compiled by the Tokyo Film Festival and the list was published in December, the second issue is set to be released in late February or early March.

The issue also features a list of the top 20 films released from 2017.

The list was compiled from the best-performing Japanese films and TV shows of 2017.

Among the films included in the first edition of the ‘Best Anime of’ list are:The new issue will also include interviews with directors, writers and actors of these films, as well as some previously unreleased footage from the films, including a featurette.

The list of films included is still in progress, and the final version will be published in April.

While there is no word on a release date for the ‘The Big Issue 2’ yet, fans of the series can expect it to hit in late spring or early summer.