Bollywood stars’ names have been linked to a new gene, as fans react to news that they are related to one of the world’s most popular Bollywood actresses

Kannada cinema has taken another hit after it was revealed that some of its top stars are descended from Bollywood’s biggest star.

On Thursday, a report by The Times of India said that a gene that was linked to actress Kanna’s maternal grandfather was the result of her father’s mother’s marriage.

Kanna’s father, Shri Kanna, was also a producer and a director, and she is now married to actor and singer Dusmane Sumarti.

In a statement to The Times, a spokesperson for the film studio said: “The family members who have the surname of Kanna have the genetic heritage of Bollywood.

They are all of Indian descent.

The gene is the result from a rare marriage between Kanna and her father.

It is very rare for a gene to be linked to the surname Kanna.”

Kanna herself was named after her mother, a former actress who passed away in 2010.

In the late 1990s, the family moved to Delhi to start a family.

In 2006, they bought a house in a slum in Kota and started to move the family around the city.

It was during this period that the gene was discovered.

The Times said the Kanna family were so happy that they would have to move back to Kannadiga in Tamil Nadu.