‘My husband is a great man’: India’s kannadigas have made their mark on the world

Kannada writer-director Rakesh Thakur has released a documentary about the life and career of Kannadiga filmmaker Anjali Bhardwaj, which was made in India last year.

The film is based on a short documentary Bhardwal made about his wife and her career in film in the mid-1970s, before he moved to America.

Thakur told Business Insider that Bhardwar was a kind of a family man who made movies with the intention of making money, but later became disillusioned with his career.

“In the early 70s, I had just come back from America, so I wanted to get a better idea of my life and where I was in life.

I did a few interviews with people and realised that my wife was an incredible person.

I realised that she was a real person, and I realised my wife is not only a great woman but a great filmmaker too,” Thakura said.”

I was like, ‘Whoa, you have made a movie called My Husband Is a Great Man.

What are you going to do next?’.”

When we were making the documentary, my husband was working in a film company and he asked me, ‘Why are you not making more films?’

“When I was like that, I started working on this documentary.

I was doing the documentary in India and I thought, ‘I should tell my husband about this story of my wife’s career.'”

Then he asked if he can tell my story to people, and the next day he was going to make his film.

So, I did the documentary and we went on a tour to make the documentary.

“At that time, I was just starting my career, so when we came to America, I felt that it was a great opportunity for me to make my film.”‘

We are the true champions of India’The film shows how Bhardwidhi helped develop India as a film-making powerhouse, and how her husband’s passion for the craft and the film-makers made India’s industry more vibrant.

“Anjali was the first filmmaker who made films in India.

She was the founder of Bollywood in India,” Thaksur said.

“I had seen that there was a strong cinema industry in India, so she was also the first Indian filmmaker to make films in America.”

“She was really a true champion of India.

I am sure that she would have made her films anywhere in the world, and she was the pioneer of the Bollywood film industry.”

It was an honour to film with her, and we are proud to have done it,” he added.

Bhardwidha is one of the leading stars of the Indian cinema, with her film Kanna Dragon Maid starring Bhardwat and which has won many awards.

The documentary also reveals how Bhatwal’s passion to create the next generation of filmmakers also led her to make a documentary that has helped people understand the challenges facing India’s film industry today.”

This film, Kanna Dragons Maid, is a tribute to the people of India, the people who make films and the people that are going to work and contribute to this film,” Thachur said, adding that it has been widely applauded.”

People are getting tired of being told that this film is going to change the world because it’s about a woman.

But the people making this film have done so much.

They have been working so hard and have been supporting this film for many years,” Thakyur said about the film.”

There are people who have worked for many, many years in this industry and they are going through the hardships of this industry.