Hindi film: ‘Kannada film’ to premiere at the Telugu Film Festival in Telangana

Telanga’s Telugu film festival is getting a major boost in its 2018-19 season with the launch of Kannada cinema in the city’s Kanno region.

Director Ramana Bhattarai and actor Manoj Kumar will screen their Kannado film at the festival, marking the first time a Telugu movie has been screened in the Telangani capital.

The festival aims to showcase the vibrant Telugu language, its rich heritage and its rich cultural traditions.

The Telugu Language and Culture Authority, which organised the festival on Tuesday, has asked producers of films, filmmakers and artists to submit their films and feature in a selection panel to select the best of Telangans films.

Bhattarale will be the first Telugu filmmaker to be invited to be selected to screen the film.

“He has an eye for storytelling, he is also a gifted actor and he has a strong work ethic and will be a huge help in bringing the Kannadis cinema to the Telugas,” said a festival source.

Battles are being fought on the plains of Telugu region, with Telangan clans fighting for territory and rights to the region’s largest city, Tiruvallur.

The city’s cultural heritage is being challenged by the encroachment of urbanisation.

Kannadic culture, which has a deep impact on the lives of people, is threatened by the urbanisation and the encroaching development.

Telangana has over 2,400 villages in Telugu belt, where a majority of the population is Kannadi.

In Tiruvannamalai district, a majority community is Kansali Kannadan, while in other districts, such as Mysore, the Kansalas are also present.