English speakers to be offered kannadigas as a form of English for their children

The next step for the Indian Government in trying to make sure that the English language is maintained is to allow the use of kannads as a kind of English-like medium for the use by children, the Education Ministry has announced.

The announcement by the ministry comes as the Education Department is looking into whether the Indian language is being adequately taught in schools in the country, where about one third of the population are non-English speakers.

According to the ministry, a few hundred schools are now offering kannadas for English learners as a supplement to standard Hindi, while the rest of the schools are still using standard Hindi.

A similar policy was announced in 2010 when the Education Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had sought the feedback of stakeholders on the implementation of the National Grammar Board’s (NGMB) Grammar and Vocabulary Test.

But the test is now being used to teach the NGAQA, the standard written exam for Indian Language Teachers, the ministry said.

In the NGT, the Government has decided to allow use of English as the medium of instruction for its learners.

While the use and maintenance of the language is an important part of the NGB, the minister has said that there is no need for teachers to use kannadic words.

“The use of the kannas has to be part of any educational curriculum and should not be restricted to a few schools or colleges,” the minister had said in a recent interview with NDTV.