Bollywood’s Dr. Steven Kanner, a gay filmmaker, dies aged 90

Bollywood actor and director Dr Steven Kanners birthday is April 15th.

He was a star in the 1970s with his films “Dr. Kannan” and “Maula Charkhava” as well as “The Pals” and is one of the longest-serving directors in Hindi cinema.

Kanner was also an important political figure in his country and a major advocate of gay rights.

Kanners work with gay rights activist, actor and filmmaker, Kannani Singh was a major figure in the 1980s when homosexuality was decriminalised.

“Dr Kanner is a major influence and a great role model in my life,” Singh told Newshub.

The actor’s last movie, “The Big Chill” won a Bafta and an Oscar for best documentary.

The award for best film, is bestowed annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.