Which movie should I watch this year?

FourFour two – the movie that everyone is waiting for.

The one that all our friends were talking about.

The movie that they had been talking about all week.

The movie that made them cry and cry.

The movie in which they laughed and laughed and laugh.

The film in which it was a great idea, in which everyone had a great laugh.

You know what they say about the movie: if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

The film that made me cry.

The only movie I have ever cried with.

The best film I have watched in a long time.

The one I will watch again, again, and again.

The story of the year.

The year in which I cried with my friends.

A film that was perfect.

A film in my life.

A movie I will always remember.

The first movie I watched after watching all the other movies in the year and the years that followed.

The first film I watched to make sure that I could remember the title of the movie.

In which I remember the film, because I am a film fan.