The Latest Kannada News for September 30 2018

3.30pm:Kannada actress Ravi Rajan has come out in support of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, saying he has “earned” a lot of awards, including Padma award for Best Actor.

Rajan, who plays Captain Ravikant on the upcoming Bollywood blockbuster ‘Padmavati’, said that Khan has earned a lot for his role, and he is a hero for all the people of the world who have followed him.

He also said that he is happy to have met the actor in his previous life and had spoken to him about the ‘Padma’ award.

“Khan has earned Padma awards, so he has earned his place, I have nothing to say about him,” he said.

Ravikant’s father Raja, who is a journalist, said that it was sad that a star of a national movie should have to die for this cause.

“We have seen many such stories in our country, but no-one knows how many people of Indian origin die for the cause of Indian culture, which is Bollywood,” he told NDTV.