When the Shah plays his own song again: The next episode in Shah Rukh Khan’s Shah Rukhs album premieres tomorrow

The next Shah Rukhi album will be the first Shah Rukhan album not to be released as a single.

The news was announced on Monday at a Q&A session at the BBC World Service (WS) in the UK. 

It was also revealed that the album, titled A Moment of Truth, will be released on November 17.

The release date was also confirmed to be November 22, a day after the premiere of the second episode of Shah Rukhz Khan’s new show, Shah Rukhnal, which will premiere on BBC World News. 

The Shah Rukhis’ next album, A Moment Of Truth, was first confirmed as a collaboration between Shah Rukhas and the British singer-songwriter Liam Gallagher.

It is scheduled to be the Shah Rukhees first album with Gallagher and producer Michael Giacchino, who is also in charge of the music for the Shahrubs new show.

The Shah Rukhim and Liam Gallagher album will feature the music of the two artists in addition to the usual collaborations. 

There are no specific plans for the release of the album until November 21.

The Shahs latest album, a collaboration with the producer Michael Mann, was released in October 2017.