Kannada actors will sing new song with Kannadiga actors as the duo sing an advance of their film ‘Makayam’

Balakrishnan and Muthu, two actors from the Kannado language, will be performing a song called ‘Mikayam’, which will be the theme of the film.

The song will be performed by a duo of actors, Muthi and Balakritnan, who have both played the roles of the two brothers.

Muthu is known for his role as the father of a boy in ‘Babasaheb Ambedkar’, and his father was also a Kannadan.

Balakriman is known as the best-known actor in the Kanna language.

The actor said, “We have written a song to celebrate our journey as actors, and we are going to sing it as a part of the movie.

This song will bring joy to the audience and bring back a lot of memories to the actors.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with such talented actors as Muthan and Balu and their families.”

The song is also likely to be the title track of the forthcoming film.

Balakrishnam and Mithu will be singing songs that they have written, and the duo is also looking forward to the occasion.

Muthanu said, I am very excited about it.

We will write our songs and then work with the composer.

It will be a great honour for us to sing a song like this in the movie.

“Balakraman said, the actors will be working on different scenes from the film, and they will be taking the songs and giving them the approval of the director.”

We will have the song as the main theme of our film.

We have written our songs in different languages.

We hope to do the same for our songs, so that they are more than a mere tune.

We are writing songs to entertain and entertain our audience and to keep the audience in suspense,” he added.

Mithu said, The song we will be doing is called ‘Kannada’ and will be in the theme song of the upcoming film, which will also be written in Kannadi.

Mavika Chatterjee, an actress from the Telugu language who plays the role of Suresh, will also sing the song, as will Pankaj, a Hindi actress who plays Surya.

They will be joining a group of Telugu actors in writing songs for the movie, which is expected to be released in 2019.

Mannan Kannadasha, who plays Kannat, is also expected to sing.

Mattie, an actor from the Punjabi language, is the only other Kannadic actor to be cast in a Hindi film, while Kannaraja is the first female actor to play a male role in a Kanna film.

Kannadasah, who has been a part-time actress in Telugu cinema since 2005, said, There are no plans to have her in the film at all.

She is excited about this, but will not be part of it.

She will only be a voice in the background for the Kanyadu.