Porn site in Indonesia has ‘forced its employees to use condoms’

Indonesia has banned the porn site Pornhub for violating local laws and for encouraging employees to “have sex with prostitutes” in a move that will make the country the first to ban the site in Asia.

The country’s parliament has approved the law, which will come into effect in early 2019, and Pornhub will be restricted to its main site, Pornhub Indonesia, which can be accessed only through a VPN.

The ban, which also applies to Pornhub’s other websites and its mobile app, is meant to curb the rise in the number of people addicted to pornography.

The move comes after a crackdown by the central government, which ordered local police to crack down on the site and shut down its operators.

Indonesia’s Prime Minister Joko Widodo has previously called on foreign countries to do more to stop the spread of the virus, calling for a worldwide boycott of the site.

“The porn industry is a global business and its members are global,” Widodo said at a speech on Tuesday.

“Its members have to play a leadership role in the fight against this pandemic.”

Pornhub Indonesia was founded in 2004 by two Indonesian men and a Thai woman who made their names by producing porn for American porn producers.

Pornhub was also the first porn site to offer a free service for its users.

“We’re in a tough time, a difficult time,” Pornhub said in a statement to The Associated Press.

“We’re also a family that loves sex.

We’re a family where we are not ashamed to have sex with each other.”

The company says it has seen a surge in the use of its service since the ban was approved, which has led to a drop in its subscriber base.

It has also said that the ban will not affect its employees who will continue to be paid by Pornhub.

PornHub said it was working with Indonesian authorities to review its policies and work with employees who have been affected.

The company has said it will not be forced to shut down.